Outdoor Furniture Repair Services

The outdoor furniture repair services we offer include:

Sandblasting and Powder Coating Service

Whether your outdoor furniture has lost its luster or something has happened to break it outright, our high quality sandblasting and powder coating services are perfect for refinishing and restoring your outdoor furniture. Let us use our outdoor furniture repair sandblasting and powder coat service to refresh your metal finish or change its color.

Sling Repair Service

Slings generally wear out before the body of the outdoor furniture they go on. Cloth parts typically last 7-10 years depending on your use, outdoor conditions, and the care they receive. Our outdoor furniture repair service can replace the sling or mesh on your outdoor furniture to extend its life, revitalize the look, and save 30-50% of your money if you were to replace the piece of furniture instead.

Outdoor Umbrella Repair

Our outdoor umbrella repair service includes fixing your umbrella’s broken ribs and cords. We keep common parts in stock so you and your guests are enjoying the shade of your umbrella again as quickly as possible!

Replacement Strapping

Our vinyl replacement strapping is extruded for outdoor use and is commercial grade 100% virgin vinyl replacement strapping with ultraviolet inhibitors manufactured into the product.