Sandblasting and Powder Coating Service


Sandblasting and Powder Coating Service

Whether your outdoor furniture has lost its luster or something has happened to break it outright, our high quality sandblasting and powder coating services are perfect for refinishing and restoring your outdoor furniture. Let us use our outdoor furniture repair sandblasting and powder coatĀ serviceĀ to refresh your metal finish or change its color. Here are some advantages to our coating service:

  • Tough, durable, lasting coating for metals
  • Excellent hardness and abrasion / impact resistance gives improved product performance over most liquid coatings
  • Environmentally friendly outsourcing option to avoid permitting for solvent-based paints
  • Less process variation results in consistent color and appearance of the product
  • High film builds and excellent edge coverage gives better resistance to corrosion with proper pretreatment
  • Wide range of colors available

You can see the results of our sandblasting and powder coating service in the before and after pictures below.


Before Sand Blasting and Powder Coat



After Sand Blasting and Powder Coat