Replacement Rib 2015 and older


Please visit my YouTube Channel where there is a video demonstrating this repair.

Rectangle Long Rib customers:  Due to the length of the rib it exceeds standard shipping values and is an considered an oversize object.  Shipping cost has been between $150 and $250 depending where you live relative to CA.  Please email me your address and what color rib you need and I can get you a quote  This does not affect shipping prices on any other rib except for the 10X13 rectangle long rib.

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This replacement rib is intended for AKZ models 2015 and older.  You can tell the difference by looking where the shorter arm is attached to the longer arm. For the 2015 and older the the short arm is attached by rivets to the longer arm.  Below is a picture of what the 2015 and older look like.


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