11.5′ AG25T


Introduced in 2019 the AG25T simplifies the opening/closing and tilting of cantilever umbrellas.  It gives you the flexibility to tilt it side to side and front to back.  With 96 Sq. ft of coverage it is sure to keep you out of the sun on those hot summer days. This price includes frame and canopy only.  Please allow approximately 8-12 weeks for production and delivery.  Scroll down to see fabric options.


Bronze Black
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Fabric Options

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Description / Measurement

This is the AG25T 11.5′ octagon cantilever umbrella from Treasure Garden.  It comes with a standard double wind vent and you can add an optional 8″ valance if you wish.  This comes in Grades A and C, which are Sunbrella, Outdura or O’bravia.  If you have any questions please contact us before ordering.


Size 11’                                 Vents DWV  Ribs 8                                  Tilt Infinite: Shape Octagon                  Front to back Left: 18°/36°/54° Height w/Base                  Right: 18°/36°/54° 116.46” Closed                    Weight DWV 86 lbs. 117.85” Opened                   DWV-V 87 lbs. Pole Dia. 3.64” x 2.56”      Lift Crank  


-Optional Valance not recommended with use of Mount Kits (Mount Kit reduces the canopy clearance by 7.5”). -100% Kevlar Mesh Lift Cord for added strength and durability - Rotates 360° - Includes Protective Cover

Bases / Mount Kits

These are the bases / mount kits available for your model.

AKZ13 Rolling Base BASE-13R-0_

Includes: Base frame, lid, (4) wheels and (4) add-on weights to be filled with 400 lbs. of sand (sand not included). Additional weight can be achieved by mixing water with sand (see manual for details). Compatible with: AKZP13LX, AKZP13, AKZPRT, AKZP, AKZ13, AKZRTR, AG25TR & AG25TRSQ Easy to move your shade: Simply step down on the base pedal (5) times to fully engage the wheels and move umbrella and base to desired location. Step down on base pedal once more to disengage wheels and secure base position.  

AKZ13 Base BASE-13-0_

Includes: Base frame, lid, and four (4) add-on weights.  Base holds up to 400 lbs. of sand (sand not included). Compatible with: AKZP13LX, AKZP13, AKZPRT, AKZP, AKZ13, AKZRT, AG25TR & AG25TRSQ



Includes: Base shell & lid. Base holds up to 200 lbs. of sand (sand not included). Compatible with: AKZP, AG25TR & AG25TRSQ


Includes: Base shell, lid & collar/stem. Base holds up to 200 lbs. of sand (sand not included). Compatible with:  AG28


Resin Base Weights BF10-0_

Includes: Four (4) sections that fit onto the AG Universal Cross Bar Stand (included w/frame). Base weights hold up to 220 lbs. of sand (sand not included). Compatible with: AG19 & AG19SQ

Mount Kits

Ground Mount Kit Instruction Manual Click Here   Concrete Mount Instruction Manual Click Here Wood Mount Instruction Manual Click Here    

Delivery Times

All orders come direct from the factory.  Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for Quick Ship Canopies and 8-12 weeks non Quick Ship for delivery.

Grade A vs. Grade C

Grade "A" Sunbrella, Outdura and Docril Acrylic Fabric– Known for being the best material for umbrellas due to the durability and fade resistant nature of the material. Grade A material with a typical life span of 12+ years depending on climate. *5-year warranty on fading* Grade "C" O'Bravia Polyester Fabric- Quick drying fabric and less expensive than other material options. Grade C O’bravia fabric with a typical life span of 6+ years depending on climate. *4-year warranty on fading*

Fabric Warranty / Returns

Fabric (Furniture Grade) Limited Warranty. The following fabric lines have a limited warranty against fading for: 5 years – Sunbrella®/Outdura®/Sunbury® /Bella-Dura®/Docril®.  4 years – O’bravia®.  2 years – Solefin® There is a 20% re-stocking fee on returned canopies only if returned within 14 days of being received. Otherwise, all sales are final and no returns are allowed.  If you have any questions please contact us before ordering.

Care and Maintenance

MOST STAINS ON SOLUTION-DYED FABRICS CAN BE CLEANED UP WITH A MILD SOAP AND WATER SOLUTION. Solution-Dyed fabrics should be cleaned regularly before substances such as dirt, etc., are allowed to accumulate on and become embedded in the fabric. The fabric can be cleaned without being removed from the umbrella. Simply brush off any loose dirt, etc., clean with warm water (no more than 100° F) and a mild natural soap. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap. When using liquid detergent, it may be necessary to re-apply a water repellent treatment, such as 303 Hi Tech Fabric Guard. When washing or cleaning, DO NOT SUBJECT TO EXCESSIVE HEAT as the fabric will shrink. DO NOT STEAM PRESS OR DRY IN ELECTRIC OR GAS DRYERS. Allow fabric to air dry. In case SolutionDyed fabrics are stored during the winter season, it should be cleaned, allowed to air dry and stored in a dry, well ventilated area. To keep Solefin fabric (Grade D)looking fresh and new it should be washed periodically with detergent and water. Most stains can and should be cleaned up immediately after they occur. If, however, a spot or stain remains, clean with a solution of warm water and a mild detergent then rinse thoroughly. If necessary, apply laundry prewash, leave in for 10 minutes and then reapply warm water and detergent. After cleaning, always rinse thoroughly with water and allow to air dry. The fabric will dry quickly because it is a naturally water repellent material.


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