Homecrest Sling Fabric

Experience the ultimate in style and selection with several resilient outdoor fabrics.  With a wide variety of colors and textures you can choose the look that suits you.

Agate II (B)

Bocha (A)

Cadet II (B)

Cedar (A)

Dorsett (A)

Ebony (B)

Glacier (A)

Havanna (A)

Madras (A)

Niko (A)

Platinum (A)

Redwood (A)

Sedona II (A)

Terrace (A)

Twine (A)

Alloy (A)

Bossa Nova (A)

Cameo II (B)

Chestnut (A)

Draw (A)

Espresso (A)

Gravel (B)

Hickory (A)

Malachite (B)

Onyx (B)

Porcelain (A)

Roma (A)

Spring (A)

Titan (A)

Vinyard (A)

Aluminum (A)

Brushstroke (A)

Carbon (A)

Cognac II (A)

Earth (B)

Fennel (A)

Gull (A)

Kamali (A)

Moss (A)

Pewter (A)

Pria (B)

Sahara (B)

Storm (A)

Tungsten (B)

Zinc II (B)

Sensation Fabrics

Sensation fabrics, offered exclusively by Homecrest, are unique in the outdoor furniture industry. They combine the strength and UV-stability of PVC fibers with the comfort and outstanding memory of elastomeric yarns. Combine this with our proprietary double layer, ergonomically contoured sling technology, and you get arguably the most comfortable outdoor sling chair on the market. Listed Below

Agate II (B)

Cameo II (B)

Zinc II (B)

Bisque (B)

Cedar II (B)

Cadet II (B)

Ebony (B)

Welt Options

Welting is the fabric that binds the two pieces of sling fabric together.  Typically it matches the frame color

Cognac II Welt

Onyx Welt

Cognac II Welt

Carbon Welt

Hickory Welt

Porcelain Welt

Titan Welt

Cognac II Welt

Niko Welt

Sedona II Welt

Glacier Welt

Onyx Welt

Storm Welt