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yamaha pacifica 012 vs 112v

One of the best electric guitar values for over a decade, Yamaha Pacifica guitars are well known for great tone and outstanding playability. Yamaha Pacifica (PAC 012) Electric guitar. 6 models to choose from: Online Add to Cart. In-Store Pick Up in Store. The Pacifica series is a great series to start off with on the Yamaha brand. Lastly, it looks and feels great, so no matter where your music takes you, you will be ready. There are a few minor differences between Yamaha’s entry-level Pacifica 012 and 112 guitars. I am buying my first electric guitar and i have come down to these two, The ibanez rgr321ex and the Yamaha pacifica 112v. This guitar can do all that a Fender Stratocaster can do, says one user, and it is excellent for beginners who want to learn guitar. It also has a Tremelo so playing vibrato is easy. The 012 has its merits, with the sound being good for the price. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Who is it for ; Reviews; Tech Specs; Our latest analysis of the music taste of people who like "Pacifica 112V OVS" shows that it is mostly liked by people who listen to … The Yamaha Pacifica 012 guitar known for its clean sound and excellent playability for guitarists of all levels. Selected category Electric Guitars; Parts & Accessories; Acoustic Guitars; Model Year. PAC112V is similar to other Pacifica series models, with a bit of design direction from Fender Stratocaster. PAC112J is equipped with specifications tailored to the stage style. Yamaha Pacifica 012 White - 158€ Yamaha Pacifica 112V YNS - 234€ After reading a lot about both of them, what I understood was that they are essentially the same guitar, the key differences would be: Agathis body vs Alder Body. Yamaha’s Pacifica 112 … The H/S/S combination works wonders to bring you a variety of sounds and tones. Your Price: $ 399.99 CDN Write a Review. But it seems most users purchased it because they were absolute beginners and could not afford something else. EN PL DE. The solder used in the production of this product contains LEAD. The VM range offer VFM (flame maple top) or VQM (quilted maple top). The socket is on edge as opposed to the side; and the back-pickup functions as a single coil with tone control pushed in. As for the more experienced subjects who want a more fluid and colorful play style, it is better to select PAC112V. Guitar Pickguard and Trem Cover fits Yamaha PACIFICA Guitars White 3 Ply. 012 & 112J - ceramic magnet 'factory' pickups & no coil tap All others have alnico pickups & coil tap on the humbucker The V models have a different cut to the pickguard. Of these, 2 customers have written no … Heey, So i'm going to buy my first electric guitar soon =D Alot of people seem to recommend the Yamaha Pacifica. Meanwhile, the 112 is more popular among guitarists. The PAC112J also features a floating tremolo system with a blade selector switch and six tuners with a pull-through nut. It’s truly an entry-level guitar for anybody who wants to try their hand at electric guitar; but does not want to spend a lot of money. News & Events. With the great sound and the ability to bring the ultimate experience, Yahama Pacifica 112J vs 112V are indispensable items in the young art space. With one Master control and a Volume control. Pacifica - Specs - Electric Guitars - Guitars, Basses & Amps - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - United States The Pacifica 112V is an excellent instrument for the money. Model: # PAC112V BL. It can be said, although PAC112V vs PAC112J have many similarities, PAC112V still has many advantages over PAC112J. The 012 features an Agathis body with a Sonokeling fingerboard, while the 112 has a more customary Alder body with a Rosewood fretboard. From United States. That sounds great! The body has a much more comfortable contour, fitting your body when both standing and sitting. Hi there I am fairly new to the guitar world (have been playing acoustic for a few months) and looking for my first electric. Stay tuned, more community features are coming up! Comparison of Yamaha ERG121 and Yamaha Pacifica PAC120H based on specifications, reviews and ratings. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. It's hardly exciting to look at, but this doublecut shape lets your fingers run riot. Ship from Store. €168.10. Out of the entire lot of 8 electric guitars from Yamaha, the Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar is an absolute bestseller, owing to its impressive construction, seamless playability and beginner-friendly features. PG 50072: YAMAHA PACIFICA 1221. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012 Electric Guitar; Black, Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112J Electric Guitar; Lake Blue, Best Worship Guitars for Praise and Church Musicians, Top 10 Best Metronomes for Guitar Players & Musicians in 2020, The 8 Best Guitars For Punk Music – From Iggy Pop to Anarcho-punk. Although these materials are similar tonally, the woods used to build the 112 conform more to the classic electric guitar construction pioneered by Fender. In terms of quality, it's easily a match for most Squiers, certainly for ones around the same price or slightly more. There will be a small oval showing the model and the serial number is on the left side of the tuning systems - under the headstock. All offer slightly different colour options. Free Shipping, 14 day Moneyback guarantee and 1 year warranty on all Electric Guitars. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Send it to me and I’ll post it here. Also, PAC112J vs 112V colors are available in Black, Lake Blue, Metallic Red, Natural, Old Violin Sunburst, and Matte Gray. or Best Offer +C $36.68 shipping estimate. Despite being made in Asia, the quality and technique combined with the rigorous testing have helped Pacifica rise above the public. Fender Squier Bullet Strat HSS BSB. What's more, the 112J uses a plastic knob, while the 112V uses a more advanced metal knob. The PAC112J has an Alnico V magnet for two single-coils with humbucking and has a pickup attached to the body. The guitar itself is very well built for an instrument in this price range. Maple fingerboard model of Pacifica112V. Two guitars have come into my decision, the Yamaha Pacifica 112v and Epiphone SG G-400. Push-Pull Coil Split (Master Tone) Vintage Style Tremolo with Block Saddle Bridge ; Product Registration ; PAC112VM. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Ship from Store. Yamaha Pacifica 212 VFM. After a bit of research I felt the Yamaha pacifica 112V would be the best option for me, as it seems to be great value for … is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Well, any answer you get is likely to be largely subjective… but I’ll give it a go. Taylor GS Mini VS the Baby Taylor : Which is better. It would be ideal for a live musician or performer. Meanwhile, 012 is constructed of Agathis, which can sound a bit dull, according to some users. $129. It also has a modern look with a six-block saddle bridge and a tremolo. It’s easy to lean on and play. I found the Best Price for the Yamaha Pacifica Pac 012 on Amazon. It is not thorny whether the player wants to combine with a Rock tune. Yamaha favorably introduces this model: "Delivering awesome value and sound," along with its soaring and easy-to-play melody. This brand has nine electric guitar models since December 2010, consisting of PAC012, PAC112J, PAC112V, PAC120H, PAC212, PAC311, PAC510, PAC611, and the last one - PAC612. Performance is obviously important when you are comparing the Yamaha Pacifica 012 Vs 112. Agathis bodies are known for sounding a bit dull in comparison. Buy from Yamaha's UK store. Overall, the PAC112J is Strat inspired, yet it focuses on build quality and player-friendly improvements in the layout. Hi there I am fairly new to the guitar world (have been playing acoustic for a few months) and looking for my first electric. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Which essentially seems to be better wood in the construction of the guitar. SS pickup, blade switch without mount holes, 8 screws. Last update on 2020-12-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Yamaha ERG121 vs Yamaha Pacifica PAC120H. more information The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. Close. The neck and body of this guitar are constructed of solid wood and looks beautiful. Yamaha Pacifica 112V Electric Guitar - Black. The class-leading Pacifica 112V combines player-focused, stage-ready spec with no-compromise construction and set-up to create the best value player's guitar on the market. Posted by 1 year ago. It is a guitar for anyone looking for a better-built alternative to the typical budget entry-level Strat style of guitar. Developed in the 1990s, Yamaha Pacifica has become one of its best-selling electric guitars in the world. Then, you will find the logo on this headstock. Join the Yamaha Pacifica 112V OVS Fans Community. In-Store Pick Up in Store. Upon first look, the construction and quality of the instrument are outstanding for the price. The difference is that you don’t need to spend a bundle to do it. The 112 has a stronger body as it is made of alder wood. Will such an instrument bring you a truly top-notch experience? Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112J Electric Guitar; Metallic Red, Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar; Sonic Blue. The Yamaha Pacifica 012 guitar known for its clean sound and excellent playability for guitarists of all levels. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. The body is flawless and glossy and will look great during a pe… The Pacifica line of electric guitars was launched in 1990 and was designed primarily by Rich Lasner, who was … This allows you to find one that suits your style and can be modded just as you want it. It features more choices for color along with a rosewood fingerboard and Alder body. Very confused (about which Yamaha Pacifica to buy) ... 03:10:52 pm » I have been on the verge of purchasing a new Yamaha Pacifica but have been put off by the following: 012; 112V; 112V old; 112VM; 112J; All i want is the best version of the Yamaha Pacifica i can possibly get! It is a true standard instrument at a low price. 2 Customer Ratings: 5. The 012 features Agathis body, and a sonokeling fingerboard. The body is made of solid wood in its natural form, providing true quality to the instrument, in stark contrast to some other electric guitar lines that use only plywood. Yamaha guitars have consistently good build quality; I've never heard of anyone getting a duff one. The class-leading Pacifica 112V combines player-focused, stage-ready spec with no-compromise construction and set-up to create the best value player’s guitar on the market. The Pacifica Series feature comfort-contoured bodies, bolt-on neck designs, vintage-style vibratos, and 5-way switching of the H-S-S pickup configuration. All. Blog Business Audio Solutions Track … In our awesomeness score Fender Stratocaster ranks #27 out of 264 and Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V ranks #39 out of 264. I'm seeing 2 that are rather similar, the 112j and the 112v. Got a Yamaha Pacifica you’d like to show the world? Its body is made from solid alder, a relatively expensive tone wood that was … In spite of the low-cost, it is still a very cool choice for any player. Nikmati juga pengalaman menyenangkan & lebih hemat untuk berbelanja Yamaha Pacifica 112v dengan bebas ongkir hingga fitur cicilan 0% dari berbagai bank. 9 . PG 50062: YAMAHA 812 & 512. Pacifica - Specs - Electric Guitars - Guitars, Basses & Amps - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - United States Just take one look at the Pacifica PAC112V (we’ll just call it the 112 from now on) and it’s instantly recognizable where the designers got their inspiration for the body shape: the Stratocaster. The coil taps of the 012 are copper wire wrapped around a magnet, which certainly sounds OK, but is of lesser quality than the 112 Alnico. The Pacifica 012 Series features a comfort contoured body, vintage-looking vibratos, bolt-on neck designs and ‘’H-S-S’’ pick-up configuration with 5-way switching. Push-Pull Coil Split (Master Tone) Vintage Style Tremolo with Block Saddle Bridge ; Product Registration; PAC112VM. 2 customers have given this product a 5-star rating. This Pickup Alnico-V comes in both a separator and a bridge operated on the coil as a single microphone. $1,329 . Pacifica 112V is an upgraded version of Pacifica 112J. Available colors: User rating ★ 1 Star ★ 2 Star ★ 3 Star ★ 4 … The Yamaha Pacifica 112V Electric Guitar provides a balanced resonant sound with its alder body. Yamaha Pacifica 112V vs 112J - The Differences Pacifica 112V is an upgraded version of Pacifica 112J. Nonetheless, these two lines are not one. Time left 2d 13h left. Its PU configuration provides a wide range of sound character from bottomless heavy distortion to clear-cut clean sound. It’s also easier to modify as your skill improves. In good condition with some minor dings. I’ve attached a picture of all four of the guitars that you wanted a comparison for. The class-leading Pacifica 112V combines player-focused, stage-ready spec with no-compromise construction and set-up to create the best value player’s guitar on the market. Alder is also used in Stratocaster guitar construction, a brand known for being top of the line. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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