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Replacement Slings

Slings generally wear out before the body of the outdoor furniture they go on. Cloth parts typically last 8-12 years depending on your use, outdoor conditions, and the care they receive. Our replacement slings service can replace the sling or mesh on your outdoor furniture to extend its life, revitalize the look, and save 30-50% of your money if you were to replace the piece of furniture instead.

Torn slings are not repairable. They are made of material that gains its durability from the stretch found in the fabric. There is no practical way to mend the fabric to restore it to its natural look and feel. Fortunately, replacement slings are available and the overall product can be saved. We offer over 80 custom cut slings which are made to fit nearly all manufacturers and our outdoor furniture repair service includes the installation of your new replacement sling.

For the DIYer you can order the material below.  Pricing is for material only with no installation.

Please Allow 10-15 Business Days for Delivery

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Showing all 7 results